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Sanding Machine

  • Strengths

1. Our wide belt sander features cast frame, high rigidity, excellent vibration and absorption effect;
2. Fault display for easy repair and maintenance; the power-off protection of this plywood sanding machine can prevent the workpiece from damage;
3. PLC is used to control the sanding belt sawing and thickness display, guaranteeing the anti-jamming function.
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  • Parameters
Model Plywood Blockboard Particle board
Working 40-1300mm 40-1300mm 40-1300mm
Working thickness 2-100mm 2-100mm 2-100mm
Working length ≥630mm ≥630mm ≥630mm
No. 1 sanding belt speed 21m/s 21m/s 21m/s
No. 2 sanding belt speed 18m/s 21m/s 21m/s
No. 3 sanding belt speed 12m/s 12m/s 18m/s
Feed speed 6-30m/min 6-30m/min 6-30m/min
Size of sand belt (W×P) 1330×2200mm 1330×2200mm 1330×2200mm
Main motor 37kW, 30kW, 15kW 37kW, 30kW, 15kW 37kW, 30kW, 22kW
Total motor power 88.62kW 88.62kW 95.62kW
Working air pressure 0.55MPa 0.55MPa 0.55MPa
Air consumption 0.2m3/min 0.2m3/min 0.2m3/min
Dust collecting speed 25-30m/s 25-30m/s 25-30m/s
Volume of dust collecting 12000m3/h 12000m3/h 12000m3/h
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 2625×2680×2130mm 2625×2680×2130mm 2625×2680×2130mm
Total weight 5200kg 5200kg 5500kg
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