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500T Hot Press Machine (for Decorative Veneered Panel)

Glue Spreader

JINLUN’s simple and durable glue spreader is used for gluing the core veneer or face veneer for plywood. It can achieve smooth and uniform single-side gluing and double-side gluing while greatly saving glues and labors. We normally supply the glue rollers with the widths of 4ft and 8ft; other sizes are also available if required. Just contact us and watch our machine video to know more!

  • Parameters
Veneer width 1300/2600mm
Roller length 1500/2700mm
Roller diameter 410mm
Drive type Gear driving
Veneer grade Grade A, B and C
Power 4-5kW
Speed 20-90m/min
Machine size 2550×1550×1700
  • Related Names

Spreader | Glue Spreading Spreading Machine | Spreader Machine

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