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500T Hot Press Machine (for Decorative Veneered Panel)

Plywood Trimming Saw

  • Product Details of Automatic Panel Saw

Automatic panel saw is a new machine used for edging the plywood panel; this wood based panel edge saw can work on the four sides of panel automatically or operated by only one or two staff.

Directly applicable for the production process, this edge cutting saw is an indispensable component of the furniture production line. Featuring small size, compact structure, high accuracy, easy maintenance, good durability and wide range of applications, this automatic panel saw is superior to the manual saw and can effectively increase the working speed and enlarge the production capacity.

We are sparing no effort to improve the degree of automation, convenience, reliability and efficiency so as to better meet the market demand. Please contact us and watch the video about our product for more information!

  • Technical Parameters of Automatic Panel Saw
Name Veneer composer
Veneer length Less than 2,500mm (Composed of 3/4pcs veneer)
Veneer width Less than 1,300mm
Veneer thickness 0.8-4.0mm
Total power 32Kw
Overall size 10,000mm×2,400mm×2,400mm
Capacity 3,000-4,000pcs/8 hours
Labor saving Save 10 workers
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